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Are you depending on Social Media as your Website?


Whether you are a professional artists, hobbyist, have an art group, or are a business owner, your website should be the heart of your online presence and social media should be your marketing tool. The two go hand in hand, and both are crucial to online success.

What we've learned is that curators, gallery owners, collectors, aren't going to sort through your social media sites to find your art or information about you.  

Mobile Ready


With the rise of small screen devices, it's very important to ensure your website is designed so that it can be viewed on tablets and mobile size screens.​  Users love the convenience of portable information in the palm of their hands.  


Let's make sure your website looks it's best on all devices.  

Why a blog?


Having a blog is another way to bring people to your website and to show them the processes you use to create your art.  It also gives you more space to tell the story about your work: why you've chosen a particular title, the materials you've used, the inspiration behind the art, if it's for a private collection, a commission piece or an entry into a galley (and which gallery).  

Keeping your website fresh with a new blog post occasionally, will keep people visiting your website.

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