What's included in the initial cost?

Possible pages for an individual artist website:

  • Home

  • About

  • Contact

  • Blog (if you choose that option)

  • Portfolio (gallery which may include many pages depending on what you want to share and how you want it presented on your website)

  • Bio (if you choose this option)

  • Resume (if you choose this option)

  • Artist Statement

  • Additional pages related to your focus

My fee for an individual artist website is $475.00 paid at the start of the project. (pay information below)     
Group Websites:  (which I enjoy creating) are time intense and we'll need to talk about what your group would like included on the site.  Once we talk about your group and their needs I'll prepare a proposal for you to share with the group.   Let's figure out what would be most helpful to your group
 contact me.

Store Websites: I enjoy creating store or shop websites. There are a lot of details involved in creating a store site and this can be time consuming for both of us.  If you are needing to have your site visible to the public on a particular date, it's important to plan ahead to give us enough time to have the site up and working properly by your deadline.  Let's make this happen soon.

Website Maintenance - updating.
$25.00 per hour or any part of an hour 
$150.00 quarterly

Have questions? contact me

Ready to get started?  ​I am!


Individual website

Website $475.00 USD 


If you would like to pay via check, this is my preference 3rd party servers are costly.

Contact me for my address and let's get started. If you prefer using a credit card or

pay pal the link is below.  Thanks.



Pay with credit card or pay-pal.  If you prefer to pay by check contact me