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Something I've learned!

Have you read this anyplace on the internet? "Register your domain here and build your website for free'?"

That sounds like a wonderful option, however there might be a catch to that.

  • First, I think it might help to explain some terms:

A domain registry is where your domain is registered. There are stand alone registries (only offering domains) and some that offer add-on's. One of these add-on's might be a "free website" and "free" sounds great, we all love that, but this might make a problem for you. Here's what I'm finding.

The website platform that's offered to you as an incentive to purchase your domain with a particular registry is often the free version of that particular platform. This means that all the features of the platform are limited and to receive more features you'll need to upgrade - costing more money. In one situation, the artist was paying well over $155 for a domain and "free" website however that was the free version of the platform and allowing her only 6 pages and limited images for her site. In order to add any pages or images she would need to upgrade through the registry, increasing her fee.

My suggestion is to purchase only your domain from the registry and then to purchase a plan from your choice of web platforms. Don't get trapped into paying more for "free".

Always here to help you have a great website:

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