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No Website? What?

You may be saying "I don't need a website site, because my social media pages fine". However if you are an artist this isn't quite true. While a social media presence is essential it’s still no substitute for a well-constructed, user-friendly website. Social media may drive awareness, but you need something substantial to feed your visitors when your social media blurbs lead them to your website.

Consumers expect that even brick-and-mortar companies have a platform they can visit to get more information. In fact, more than 80% of potential customers check up on a business via their website before making their first contact.

Use your Website as a Personal Portfolio: making it easier for collections, curators and gallery owners to see your art.

Having a professional website to showcase your work allows you to build your portfolio as well as establish a place for people to see your work, what galleries you are in, as well as what exhibitions you have been/are hosting. A website allows you as an artist to share with people who you are, how you began your creative journey and give an artist statement

Here are a few more reasons you need website and not just social media:

  • Copyright protection.

  • Stay relevant.

  • Be visible and easy to contact.

  • Full creative ownership of your space.

  • Take advantage of blogging and SEO.

  • Build an e-mail newsletter.

So let's get your website started. Take advantage of my SPECIAL OFFER for a regular size website (if you have a group site, store site or a large number of pages needed - let's talk) this offer ends May 14, 2021. One week. Contact me to discuss details. Visit my website for details about creating your website.

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